What do China Pakistan And The UK have In Common? Huawei’s House Safe Internet Filter!

By the end of next year the UK will have a filter on all its internet traffic. That filter so we have been told will make sure no dirty porn will ever pollute the minds of your little darlings ever again! You don’t have to have that filter of course but you will have to opt out. No worries freedom of speech is still guaranteed but they just want to make your life easier and not have to think about all that dirt. Only perverts will opt out of course in which case it is a good idea to have them registered straight away when they apply for Freedom of speech and information free porn!

Turns out that the UK will share the software with China and Pakistan, some of the most censured countries in the world and the software is perfectly usable to censure political dissent and other subversive activism just in case it has to protect the people against those sorts of nastiness too. I feel much safer now, don’t you ?!


The pornography filtering system praised by David Cameron is controlled by the controversial Chinese company Huawei, the BBC has learned.

UK-based employees at the firm are able to decide which sites TalkTalk’s net filtering service blocks.

Politicians in both the UK and US have raised concerns about alleged close ties between Huawei and the Chinese government.

The company says the worries are without foundation and prejudiced.

On Monday the Prime Minister said TalkTalk had shown “great leadership” in setting up its system, Homesafe, which it has offered to customers since 2011.

TalkTalk told the BBC it was comfortable with its relationship with Huawei, and that the service was very popular.

Homesafe is a voluntary scheme which allows subscribers to select categories – including social media, gambling and pornography – that they want blocked.

Customers who do not want filtering still have their traffic routed through the system, but matches to Huawei’s database are dismissed rather than acted upon.

Accountability question

Mr Cameron has demanded similar measures be adopted by all internet service providers (ISPs) in the UK, to “protect our children and their innocence”.

He said ISPs would be monitored to ensure filtering was done correctly, but that they should choose their own preferred solution.

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