Chemtrail over Raglan, New Zealand

Chemtrail over Raglan North Island New Zealand 4:45 PM onwards and still visible. Originating somewhere from Hamilton (airport?) ending over Raglan! White line spreading upwards with strange black rimmed clouds forming in them while the clouds outside of the line stayed white with a little darker belly like normal clouds.

Now 5:20 pm the black rimmed clouds have completely vanished and the sky has got a milky white film upwards from the trail.

This chemtrail differs from the ones I generally see along the coast line in that it is right over the Waikato. I have only seen one other set of them being about five in parallel  from Hamilton to Raglan before.









One thought on “Chemtrail over Raglan, New Zealand

  1. Had them over Ngaruawahia. Funny thing is that a really bad flue like reaction happened to someone I know who had four days in hospital. There was experience of dizziness, very bad headaches and also depression all struck unsuspecting persons who did not have these shortly after the sighting. I did not think about these at all until I started to research Chem Trails again over why they are now spraying blood and because of Australia being caught red handed spraying illegal chems over wet lands. Then in hindsight I looked back.

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