A Sandy Hook Parent? Or An Actor Getting In His Role.

OK, Forgive me if I’m going blond here but how stupid do they think we are? Here is a so called grieving parent who in the aftermath of the Massacre in Sandy Hook talking to the press. But is it…

This guy is laughing and making jokes before he clearly gets in the role of grieving parent. Now I don’t know about you but if my child had just been brutally murdered by a lone nutter with a gun I would for starters have been too traumatised to talk to anyone and I would most certainly not have been standing around making jokes!

So what the fuck is going on???

17 thoughts on “A Sandy Hook Parent? Or An Actor Getting In His Role.

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  5. Hi Ev. I live in Hamilton with Carolyn. I’m wanting to know what your thoughts are about Christopher Green and this video that he made a few days ago re: Sandy Hook and LIBOR. Thanks, Bron

    • Hi BronnyNZ,

      I have the greatest problems with these kinds of videos. I don’t know this guy but I find his presentation of the dangerous fear inducing kind where we need to be able to verify where all this information comes from.

      For starters there are no links you can check in order to verify the origins of these allegations with regards to the LIBOR massacre connections.

      Then there is the origin of the connection between LIBOR and the Aurora massacre which comes from a very dubious character: Sorcha Faal.

      I do believe the massacres are orchestrated and that they will be used to control arms and that gun control laws will be put in place and that they will probably go for all out gun confiscation given half a chance.

      Here are a few links I found with background information on where the LIBOR/Massacre connection comes from (Bankers trying to make out like they could be the next the victims of irrational preppers?)



      I hope this helps

    • Or Nervous laughter. The human soul deals with a stressful ackward moments in weird ways. I don’t think this guy knows how to deal with this. It is call post-traumatic stress syndrome. It creeps up on people different way. This guy is fighting back tears. Leave him allow.

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