George Galloway: New doubts about official 9/11 conspiracy theory

George Galloway who has steered clear and even aggressively denounced alternative 911 theories for years has finally had to admit that especially the collapse into a pyroclastic flow in freefall speed of WTC 7 doesn’t make sense if held against the laws of physics. While I understand that George Galloway has a lot to loose […]

“WTC 7’s OEM Bunker Unmanned on 9/11”

August 16, 2008 Why was Giuliani’s Office of Emergency Management bunker in WTC 7 empty and “deactivated” as the 9/11 spectacle unfolded? Jeremy Baker In 1999, NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani constructed a $13 million emergency command retreat on the 23rd floor of World Trade Center Building 7—an armored, self-contained facility designed to provide a safe […]

No BBC, WTC 7 Did Not Collapse “Due To Fire” & The Final 9/11 Mystery Is Not Solved

“The building collapsed due to fire” I’m still waiting to see a shred of evidence to support this theory. Just “saying” that the building collapsed due to fire is not evidence or proof that it collapsed due to fire. You can bet that NIST won’t bother to explain this away: When the hit piece comes […]