The “War On Terror” Has Changed, and Not One In 1,000 Americans (and not a single Kiwi) Has Noticed

1984 revisited by the new Zealand MSM. Un fucking believable! Lately I have been having the most amazing online discussions with people who without going through the trouble of actually exercising their critical thinking facilities completely accept the mainstream media meme that it is up to us to liberate poor brown people in Arab countries […]

On Osama, Obama and Diaries: If you still believe this BS you have not been paying attention

    Exactly 1 year after the Navy Seal team “allegedly” killed Osama bin Laden who  was hiding behind his wife fighting valiantly while the White house was watching via the Seal cameras they did not record the raid and chucked his body in the sea because that was Muslim custom to stop his grave […]

Hundreds turn out as body of highest-ranking officer to die in Afghanistan returns home with his teenage comrade

And all for a lie. How sad. Hundreds of people today turned out to pay their respects to two soldiers killed in Afghanistan – including the highest ranking Army officer to be killed since the Falklands War – as their bodies were returned to British soil. Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Thorneloe, 39, the commanding officer of […]

Joe Biden tells Munich conference: ‘US will talk to Iran and ally with Russia against terror’

Joe Biden, member of the council of foreign relations and a Bilderberg initiate and the one to take Obama’s place should anything happen to the New World Order “boy” Obama talks tough in Munich Munchen (I hate the anglification of “foreign” City names). The old war on terror is not going to go away. Uh […]