Tourists may face national park fees

With the global economic collapse causing serious financial problems for New Zealand’s toirism industry Bankster Tourist minister John Key has found another way to squeeze money out of the country for his banking mates. And it seems that in order to avoid Congestion (Have you ever seen any congestion in the National parks) and “lower […]

Our green clean image only counts for something if we get tourists or why our Nature reserves will be mined.

While bloggers around the NZ blogosphere rail against the oh, so predictable privatisation (excellent article, hattip to the Standard) of the National parks so that international corporations can rape and pillage them, leaving New Zealand with nothing but environmental disasters and hardly any monetary gain it pays to point out that one argument namely our […]

More bad news: Financial Crisis Impacts Visitor Arrivals

Financial Crisis Impacts Visitor Arrivals The impact of the global financial crisis is beginning to be felt by the tourism industry, with visitor arrivals to New Zealand down 6.6%, just over 11,000 less people than in September 2007. Increasing economic uncertainty saw a drop in the number of visitors arriving from almost all of New […]

Airlines likely to lose $6bn this year due to record cost of jet fuel

Protectionist laws are constricting the airline industry’s ability to deal with the unprecedented oil price which threatens to plunge the sector into a $6bn loss this year, according to an industry spokesman. Giovanni Bisignani, director of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), called for restrictions to be lifted at the body’s annual summit, which captured […]