Millions of dollar of your tax money a visit of John Key to the main suspect and now: A hung jury!

Tami Iti’s and his criminal cohorts were terrorist and training to overthrow the government violently. There were 18 of them but only four remained. And now after years of postponement and botched investigations and cover ups all they can agree upon is the fact that some of the weapons were illegal. Wahlidah! My opinion is […]

Urewera jury reach verdict

One Juror disagreed with the verdict with the 10 others? Curious! The jury in the trial of the “Urewera four” have reached a verdict, which will be delivered shortly. The jury took nearly 20 hours to come to a decision, after having a three-day break from deliberations because one of the jurors was injured on […]

On the Urewera four, John Key and that secret meeting with Tame Iti two months before his arrest

With the court case against the Urewera 18 4 in progress I thought I’d repost a post I wrote (In atrocious English at the time) in 2008 about a “secret”meeting John Key had at Owhakatoro Marae so far removed from anything there was not even cell phone cover while Tame Iti was under police surveillance […]

About fucking time: ‘Urewera 18’ charges dropped

So after they terrorised these 18 people and their families for THREE years after a traumatic “anti-terrorist” exercise petrifying children, women and men  because the had run around in the forest with a couple of guns they have finally admitted that the entire event was a non starter and since John Key with the permission […]