John Key, Be warned! ‘The Bailout Is Over. Blackmail Is Over. Subservience Is Over’ Syriza Wins!

Early days but WOWWOWWOW!!!!!!! Syriza, the anti austerity party wins. The Greek people have spoken. AMEN!!! F*&k the troika and the banksters!. John Key be afraid, be very afraid! An anti-austerity party has won a landmark election victory in Greece which critics fear could force the Eurozone into a fresh crisis. With 97 per cent […]

New Democrats, Syriza and Pasok, let the Sirtaki begin!

It is early days yet but the election in Greece looks set to favour the Conservative New Democrats with about a 2% win over Syriza the ultra left wing party let by Alexis Tsipras according to Yannis Koutsomitis  (#YanniKouts). It was expected that the New Democrats would form a coalition with the third Party Pasok in […]