Swine flu, Vaccines and big Pharma. Waht you need to know about vaccines.

“By 1853, Parliament began passing laws to make the untested vaccine compulsory throughout the British Empire. Other countries of Europe followed suit. Once the economic implications of compulsory vaccinations were realized, few dared to disagree. Then, as now, the media were controlled by the vaccine manufacturers and the government, who stood to make huge money […]

Vaccination Kills: Deaths resulting from medical trials for a vaccine to the H5N1 bird-flu virus.

Three Polish doctors and six nurses are facing criminal prosecution after a number of homeless people died following medical trials for a vaccine to the H5N1 bird-flu virus. By Matthew Day in Warsaw Published: 4:37PM BST 02 Jul 2008 21 people died after being given the vaccine The medical staff, from the northern town of […]

Lot’s and lot’s more background info on the swine flu pandemic and it’s possible connections with the upper echelon of the ruling elite

From the website for legitimate government this article in it’s entirety. Find more recent posts below. Flu Kills The Torture Memos By Lori Price, http://www.legitgov.org 26 April 2009 In a ‘Holy convenience, Batman!’ moment, a ‘unique‘ flu virus (one likely concocted in US Army labs) overtakes media coverage of revelations that the highest levels of […]