Two Videos That Say It All: John Key Is A Warmongering Sexist Pig!

With All the Hullabaloo about John Key tugging girls and women’s pony tails like a five year old kinder garden school boy in the presence of Bronach the teacher I thought I’d put two video’s together that tell the tale of John Key’s disfunctionality louder than any words could ever do. Here is the link […]

Dear Mrs. and Mr Weatherston, your psycho son stabbed her 216 times and sliced her ears off.

Clayton Weatherston’s parents Yuleen and Roger haven’t ruled out an appeal against his conviction, telling the Herald on Sunday there were “untruths” that needed correction Tumeke wrote the the original title:  Mate you sliced her ears off. 1,2 and 3. I don’t know what’s worse;  To have a narcissistic anti social personality disorder genius projecting […]