On granny and pie tax, not earning enough and £ 25 million and oil panic in the streets

It seems everybody and their dog is wondering why the UK government caused a panic by saying buy all the petrol you can before “the strike” causing a massive panic! Here are some pointers: In the weeks leading up to “the panic” it was announced that some 50.000 pensioners would be taxed £323 annually on top […]

The Shock Doctrine: The rise of disaster capitalism!

Why would they ram a huge barge unto a fragile reef and let oil escape on purpose destroying an entire ecosystem and the lively hoods of thousands of people? Naomi Klein explains it in detail in her excellent book The Shock doctrine: The rise of disaster capitalism. It’s Credo? Never let a crisis go to waste […]

So you want a bigger war but your population is growing tired, weary and just plain bored with the whole thing

Not only is your population distracted by the imploding economy but they are getting angry because your bankster mates are looting what is left of an impoverished and down trodden population and they are getting sick of your wars. Well, here is what you do. You make sure that THE enemy (the enemy you created […]

Ten Things You Should Know About Bush’s Trillion Dollar Fleecing Plan

The Bush administration’s proposal to bail out some of Wall Street’s biggest players with an unprecedented transfer of public wealth to the private sector sent shock-waves throughout the nation. Already deep in deficit, the administration wants to borrow $700 billion dollars — in addition to the $900 billion already spent this year to prop up […]