le Roi et mort, vive le Roi or why nothing will change in France

François Hollande won the French presidency. That means a left wing President for the first time in 20 years or so. Will anything change? Is he saying we’ll start printing our own money and give public credit to people wanting to start up new businesses creating employment and undertaking government projects to help the unemployed get […]

New questions raised over Dominique-Strauss Kahn case

Duh! New questions have been raised about the events in the New York hotel room where the former International Monetary Fund head and French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn was alleged to have sexually assaulted a hotel maid. The case against Strauss-Kahn was eventually dramatically dropped by a Manhattan court, but the scandal forced him to resign […]

Italy: I’m calling it today: the loan sharks will take over!!!

This time I don’t need Zero hedge to call it. It is just so blatant it is sickening. Belusconi is out. Enter Mario Monti! Who is Marion Monti? Read this and weep! Bilderberger, European chair of the Trilateral commission Specialist in the workings of banks in a monopoly. I kid you not and again while […]

Le Téléprésident: Sarkozy tightens his grip over French state TV

John Key did not like it when a journalist broke the news that Smiling Assassin John Key wanted to lower wages and make workers work longer hours. National bullied the News Paper into a retraction. When Kate Wilkinson quite clearly said that employer contributions to KiwiSaver was not going to be compulsory the chief spin […]

Sarkozy calls for UN-led ‘new world order’

Sarkozy, John Key’s ideological brother has called for a new world order. Pappy Bush, and the Neo Con Cabal in Washington are calling for the same. If New Zeeland votes John Key and National in will he do the same?   New York – The United Nations should avail itself as an instrument for a “new world […]