Nuclear Reactors Are Blowing Up, We’re Heading Towards Economic Collapse So Why Am I Talking About Sex Slaves And Paedophile Murders?

Some time ago in 2011 the “royal” family of England was granted and exceptional right to privacy. In a time when our right to privacy and the right to feel secure and safe in your won home are chipped at on a daily base this family made sure they would be  protected against any invasion […]

Kate’s Tutor And Royal Adviser Is A War Criminal Weapons Dealer: Sir David Manning.

What we have here is a feudal couple visiting one of their liege lords, being John Key, with their trusted adviser, spymaster and arms dealer in order to keep their liege lord in power and influence our democratic elections in favor of John Key, their bankster feudal liege lord. We are being roped back in to a dark age feudal regime which is intend on looting this country and who have no interest in democracy other than that it is a convenient scam to keep what they feel they’re entitled to: All of NZ’s assets and resources.

You Will Love The Royals, You Will Love The Royals, You Will Love The Royals, You Will Love The Royals, You Will Lo….. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

While the MSM are hypnotizing the masses with their picture perfect parasitical Royal family I promise I will continue giving you the information you need to blow this family out of the water when Guillotine time comes!   The Queen Of England Deals Extensively In $ 17 trillion Depleted Uranium Many people are wondering what really caused […]