Willy Rodriques on Rosie’s radio show: the last man out is still standing and talking about 911

William Rodriques is a hero. He was the last man out alive when the North tower he worked in collapsed in free fall speed on 911. He only survived because he was able to dive under a fire engine and had to be dug out after the tower had collapsed. 20091106_rosieodonnell_williamrodriguez.mp3 He was the last […]

As I said: “I am in good company”. Meet Rosie O’Donnell and Daniel Sunjata

The life Of A 911 truther is not always easy. For most people you are a “Conspiracy theorist” which generally means “nutter”. You are alone with terrible knowledge that you want to share, but that not a lot of people are ready for. You get frustrated because people don’t want to listen, don’t want to […]