This is personal! Kiwi’s against seabed mining!

In many ways writing and redirecting other peoples writing is so much easier and less stressful than dealing with the real world even though this blog deals with the darkest aspects of the real world but sometimes there comes a time when the real world encroaches to the point you have to make a choice […]

Arrest of Rio Tinto executive points to deepening economic crisis in China

The arrest of Stern Hu, Rio-Tinto’s China iron ore executive, in Shanghai on July 5 signals a more aggressive policy by the Chinese regime toward its economic rivals, amid an ongoing slump in export orders and rising unemployment. Fearing social explosions—a danger highlighted by the protests that erupted in Xinjiang on the same day—Beijing has […]

Climate change: hoisting Rio-Tinto with their own petard

Yesterday saw Rio Tinto stick their hand out for corporate welfare, threatening to shut down their Tiwai Point aluminium smelter unless shielded from the effects of the emissions trading scheme. It is, of course, motivated purely by self-interest – the ETS would mean paying more for electricity, which would mean lower profits for Rio Tinto’s […]