Max and Stacey: Correlation And Causation Or Why We Have A Roque Banking System

Did you know that in England the debt of the Banking system is six times GDP? Well now you do! What does that mean? It means that England has an out of control not connected to any reality banking system and if John Key had an honest bone in his body and was really here […]

December 6, 2008 — Updated 1854 GMT (0254 HKT) * Share this on: Mixx Digg Facebook reddit StumbleUpon MySpace Share * E-mail * Save * Print Hyperinflation forces Zimbabwe to print $200 million notes

Don’t think this can’t happen in New Zealand. It already is. Thos price rices you’re complaining about? Yep you got it in one and with the Reserve bank poised to bail out the international banks with money out of thin air diluting the dollar pool it will only get much, much worse. HARARE, Zimbabwe (CNN) […]