Margareth Thatcher (13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013) Dies Of “Strike”. Classic!

Reagan, Pinochet, Privatization, Union busting, Austerity, Poverty, 1% Rich, 99% Poor, Neo-liberalism, Poll tax and 21 Incredibly angry songs about Thatcher and those are all the words I want to waste on the woman who said: “there is no such thing as society” condemning millions to poverty and hopelessness. I think it is fitting that […]

Joan Veon on the engineered Financial collapse.

As I am watching this fascinating presentation I have to urge you to watch this in its entirety. The structural changes chapter is horrifying in the scope in which it transfers the powers of congress to the bankers and the chapter on derivatives (the source of John Key’s wealth) is just beyond comprehension in it’s […]