The “Removal” The Fuel Rods Of Reactor Number 4 Will begin Today 18th November 2013

Just in case you are wondering, this has no chance in hell of succeeding but never in my life have I been wanting to be wrong so badly! Fro starters we know that these fuel rods have been kept under circumstances which will have greatly reduced their integrity if they are still existing! If not […]

Rods? What Rods? Fukushima’s Nuclear Reactor 4 is Sinking!

Tepco, the owner of the 4 Fukushima nuclear reactors (or what is left of them), it was reported not so long ago made record profit, the unfolding annihilation of planet Earth notwithstanding. If this strikes you as “odd” consider this: This month the company is going to attempt to remove “the rods” from the fuel […]