Life on Radio Raglan 9:35 AM Today

9:35 am I will be life on Raglan radio with host Aaron Mooar. We will be talking about the flag and John Key travelling to Washington to attend a Nuclear security summit.. What? Why is John Key to a Nuclear Security Summit? Listen to Raglan radio.

Raglan Radio 16/2/2016

Tomorrow 9:10 AM I will be on Aaron’s Raglan Radio morning show. We will be talking about the Global banking crisis, the Kiwi saver scam/scheme and the “Open bank resolution” which enables banks to confiscate deposits from small banking depositors if and when a bank fails and which was accepted by New Zealand in 2013. […]

New Slot On Raglan Radio And Tit Bits Of History

Yesterday I started a bi weekly 10 minute live slot with the morning show host Aaron. My slot is 9:10 am and is in the interview format. I talk about the transient nature of Europe’s Nations state borders throughout history connected to important events taking place today such as what is happening in Ukraine. I […]