30 % Of Detroit’s Population Will Loose Access To Clean Water But Water Meters Save Money?

Tell people they will save money and they will allow you to install meters to measure what they use. The first step to privatization taken painlessly. I’m sure the people of Detroit thought the same when the meters where put in. That was before the banks rorted them. Now 30% of the population faces their […]

The Fascist Origin and Essence of Privatization

Preface by Washington’s Blog: We documented in 2009 that fascism and our current crony capitalist economy are indistinguishable. We noted in 2011 that America’s public resources are being raped and pillaged … just like those of small debt-saddled countries like Greece. The following short – but important – piece by Eric Zuesse shows that looting […]

Margareth Thatcher (13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013) Dies Of “Strike”. Classic!

Reagan, Pinochet, Privatization, Union busting, Austerity, Poverty, 1% Rich, 99% Poor, Neo-liberalism, Poll tax and 21 Incredibly angry songs about Thatcher and those are all the words I want to waste on the woman who said: “there is no such thing as society” condemning millions to poverty and hopelessness. I think it is fitting that […]