While Our Politicians Talk About Printing More Money Italian Beppe Grillo Talks Trashing The Bankers And He’s Winning!!!

While the NZ left starts another impotent Leftist blog and the NZ right basks in ever more venal bennie and prisoner bashing resulting in good people losing their jobs to underpaid slave laborers. While Russel Norman from the green party talks about printing money to keep up with the race to the bottom and every […]

US and Iraq Regime Holding 51,000 Iraqi Behind Closed Bars, Most Illegally

The U.S. is holding more Iraqis in prison than ever before—24,700—and is expanding its facilities to accommodate another 10,000, according to a new report. In addition to those detained by the U.S., its Iraqi government partner is holding 26,000 Iraqis in jail, bringing the combined number of Iraqi prisoners to almost 51,000. Given previous reports […]