A banksters paradigm: The Nec Minit you are in a Dinamic environment and you acshually have to come clean about the “realities” you find yourself in!

While our dear language and reality mangling leader tries to explain to us why lying is merely the result of a Dynamic environment, let’s find out how Europe’s Dynamic Environment makes liars of both the banksters and its political leaders shall we? Only a couple of days ago it was announced that Greece as the […]

Foreigners Sell Second Largest Amount Of US Bonds or why the dollar is going to collapse!

This should scare the shit out of our dear leaders as I’m sure John Key already is what with most of his wealth parked in the collapsing BofA. Two weeks ago when we reported that there had been a record consecutive week dump of US Treasury paper in the Fed’s custodial account, as reported by […]

John Key, Phill Goff two sides of the same coin or how both are catering to the Money Masters

With calling for a compulsory membership of Kiwi saver and raising the pensionable age to 67 in the next couple of years Phill Goff has shown his true allegiance: That of the financial terrorist scamming the world into indentured slavery! John Key will do the same of course by selling of New Zealand’s assets leaving […]