Greek PM Demands Report On Default, Eurozone Exit Consequences

The title above is diplomatic speak for, “fuck this we’re out”. Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentleman it’s going to get bumpy for a while. Why? because if Greece defaults so will Italy, Spain and Portugal. And while it’s the best thing that could happen as it collapses the hold that the financial elite has […]

Greece, I called it two weeks ago; The loan sharks are in control!

Update: Here is a detailed profile of L Papademos showing his intimate connections with the Financial elite taking over the Eurozone countries. Truth be told it was the author of Zero hedge who really did but I choose to go with him as he is an amazing source of on the ball global finance manipulation […]

Can you say money masters take over: Greek PM gone and a bankster takes over!

Here the Money masters don’t have a problem. We vote our demise in ourselves but the Greek are not so stupid and it took a hell of a fight but they got their man in just the same. Meet Mr Papademos; Federal Reserve man, MIT trained, former vice president of the European Central Bank and […]