On fuel fleas, ash clouds and radioactive whales and why there is no place to hide from Fukushima (not even New Zealand)

Not that you would know from New Zealand’s mainstream media but we have a teensy bit of a nuclear problem. “Not here,” you say,” that’s only in Japan,” you say!!. Well actually no the problem is a world wide problem and that includes New Zealand and here is why: According to Arnie Gundersen when interviewed […]

Israel ready to launch a military offensive against Iran

On February 14, Australian News Agency “The Age” reported: A SENIOR Israeli diplomat has warned that Israel is ready to launch a military offensive against Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons. In an interview with The Age, Dan Gillerman, who was Israel’s permanent representative at the United Nations from 2003 until last September, […]

War pimp alert: House Resolution Calls for Naval Blockade against Iran

Are you ready for the total control of middle eastern oil by the US of A and its fascist leaders. You’d better be because it’s coming very soon. A US House of Representatives Resolution effectively requiring a naval blockade on Iran seems fast tracked for passage, gaining co-sponsors at a remarkable speed, but experts say […]

Former UN weapons inspector says attack on Iran ‘virtual guarantee’

US denies again on Monday Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, who was among the original experts to question Bush Administration claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, now says he believes an attack on Iran is a “virtual guarantee.” “We take a look at the military buildup, we take a look at the […]