You Run A Worm Farm Without A Permit? We Can Now Prosecute You In Secret!

A late addition to the new health and safety law reform worries the Law society. Funny that. It should worry the hell out of every man, woman and child in New Zealand. Secret courts if whatever they deem something to be of national security. Stalin who murdered millions of his own people with secret courts […]

Copyright treaty is classified for ‘national security’

Last September, the Bush administration defended the unusual secrecy over an anti-counterfeiting treaty being negotiated by the U.S. government, which some liberal groups worry could criminalize some peer-to-peer file sharing that infringes copyrights. Now President Obama’s White House has tightened the cloak of government secrecy still further, saying in a letter this week that a […]

U.S. troops may be deployed in Arizona, Southwest U.S.

U.S. Defense Department plans to deploy as many 20,000 U.S. troops within the U.S. for homeland security and anti-terrorism efforts could result in a significant number being placed or having some kind of presence in Arizona and the Southwest, according to security experts. There have been threats against the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station west […]