It’s Not About Justice For Rapists, Murderers Or Paedophiles. It’s About Human Rights For All

This is not a bout rape, paedophilia or murder. This is about locking human beings up far away from families with only an unknown insecure future to look forward too. This is about human rights being made redundant. It starts with a small group but if you allow human rights to be suspended for a small group of individuals you open the door to human rights being suspended for all of us!

The Emperor’s Rage: Let Chaos Envelop the World!

Couldn’t have said it beter myself. By James Petras July 28, 2014 “ICH” – Chaos reigns and spreads as enraged leaders in the US, Europe and their clients and allies pursue genocidal wars. Mercenary wars in Syria; Israel’s terror bombing on Gaza; proxy wars in the Ukraine, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia. Tens of millions […]

Children Exterminated Like Rats So You Can Enjoy Soccer!

Something to ponder as the world watches 22 men kicking a silly ball for millions of dollars in pay! As thousands took to the streets this weekend to protest the civil and military dictatorship – which left a legacy of some of the most sadistic and brutal repression against political prisoners seen in Latin America – the military […]

Any Chance We Could Hunt A Human Here?

Today I want to share a story with you here that I find most disturbing. I have  no way of checking the veracity except that it was brought to my attention by an elderly gentleman and Kaumatua of the utmost integrity and whose standing in the Maori community is above reproach. He has been a […]

John F. Kennedy’s Speech On The Global Conspiracy. 14 Days Later He Was Dead

The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify […]

On Propaganda, Syria And The Persians Some 1700 Years Ago Or How They Want Us To Forget They Called For A Nerve Gas False Flag Attack In January Of This Year!

The propaganda as espoused in the Daily Mail reached fever pitch this weekend. The vote in the commons against another misbegotten criminal war is not stopping the war mongers trying to whip up war sentiments pushing the people towards it if they can’t push their alleged “representatives”.  Here are some examples: While we are not […]

On Tongues Hanging Out Brains Spillng Out And Another Bullshit Story About OSama Bin Laden As They Try to Sell Us A Hollywood Version OF the Bin Laden Assassination

Even 9/11 denier Matt Taibbi (whose articles on the Banking scams I greatly admire) can’t get around the total bullshit the latest in Hollywood history rewrite is. Here is Steve Watson pointing out how the White house can’t get their bullshit story straight about what happened in Abbottabad. With gory details about how Osama bin […]

Al Qaeda Leader Mohamed al-Zawahiri Captured by Syria

Update: thanks to an attentive reader I was notified that the original article has been pulled and he gave me a cached link which I have saved off line. I have copied and pasted the entire article below the now defunct link to the original article: Last week the Syrian Government announced it had captured […]

On Patraeus, Extra Marital Affairs and Murdered Ambassadors.

Update: Petraeus won’t testify on Benghazi Ambassador murder hearing When General Petraeus announced he stepped down because of an extramarital affair I was left with a huge question mark. Gen. Petraeus as the head of the CIA and a possible candidate for the post of President of the United States surely would have been able […]

Was The Murder Of The US Ambassador In Libya A False Flag?

Update: US sends drones to fly over (and bomb al Qaeda training camps)Libya! As more information comes out about the murder of the US Ambassador and three of his staff members suspicion of the timing and the identity of the Film-maker whose film allegedly caused the riots and murders. In addition it now appears that […]

Drones Over New York City”: A Deadly Drone, Modeled on the Dragonfly…

In all the hype about a planned billion-dollar research facility in New York City, there isn’t a hint of a discussion about how it would serve the Israeli war on Palestine. A DEADLY drone, modeled on the dragonfly insect, with a 9-inch wingspan. Four-wheeled mini-robots with panoramic video-imaging capabilities that perform surveillance without risk of […]

Did US/NATO betray a white flag truce in Libya?

For thousands of years the White flag was honoured as a sign of surrender and the effective end of battle. In fact respect for ther use of the white flag is a requirement and legal obligation in the Hague Conventions and breaking this legal requirement constitutes a grave war crime. The last few days rumours have […]

Gaddafi’s murder timed to take attention away from the financial take over of Europes Nations?

  I could have announced Gaddafi was murdered but since everybody already did that I decided to wait a couple of days to see what kind of info would come out of the woodworks at it always does. So here it is. According to a Dutch newspaper Germany knew were Gadaffi was for at least […]

So what happened while I was a way on holiday 1: Blackwater gets a free pass on murder

While I tried to have a couple of days of rest by avoiding people and staying somewhat intoxicated (not advisable by the way) earth shattering events happened. One of them was the fact that a case against Blackwater’s murderous thugs was dumped by the judge. Now that may not seem like much to you but […]


WEAPONS inspector David Kelly was writing a book exposing highly damaging government secrets before his ­mysterious death. He was intending to reveal that he warned Prime Minister Tony Blair there were no weapons of mass destruction anywhere in Iraq weeks before the ­British and American invasion. He had several discussions with a publisher in Oxford […]

G20 victim ‘died from haemorrhage’

The police officer suspended following the death of Ian Tomlinson during G20 protests has been questioned on suspicion of manslaughter, the Independent Police Complaints Commission said today. Related articles He was questioned after a second post-mortem examination found Mr Tomlinson died from an “abdominal haemorrhage” and not a heart attack. A spokesman for the Independent […]

Palestinian doctor who gave war dispatches to Israeli TV reports 3 daughters’ deaths

You tell me, is this going to diminish the influence of the legally elected Hamas party in Gaza? No, I didn’t think so. And contrary to what you might think, Muslim fathers love their daughters with the same passion as western fathers. GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — The Palestinian doctor provided Israeli TV viewers […]

‘White vigilantes’ shot black neighbors without consequences in Katrina aftermath

Scoopit! At least 11 black people were shot by white gunmen in the days following Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans, and in the three years since those crimes, little has been done by law enforcement. According to an 18-month investigation published in The Nation, a predominantly white neighborhood formed a militia after the levees […]

Rare insight of SAS operations in AfghanistanAustralian SAS Units Function as Death Squads in Afghanistan

The good new just keeps on coming. ——————————– By James Cogan December 11, 20008 “WSWS” — An Australian Defence Department (ADD) report published in October, and highlighted on November 26 by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Lateline” program, provides a rare account of the shameful operations being performed by the Australian military as part of the […]

More than 10.000 bone fragments found in detention centre

This is what torture and murder authorised by the government means and we are aiding and abetting the US government to do the same in blackhole detention centres all over the world. BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (CNN) — More than 10,000 charred bone fragments were found buried at the site of a former Argentine government detention […]

Pakistani women buried alive ‘for choosing husbands’

I have no words for this. Israr Ullah Zehri, who represents Baluchistan province, told a stunned parliament that northwestern tribesman had done nothing wrong in first shooting the women and then dumping them in a ditch. “These are centuries-old traditions, and I will continue to defend them,” he said. “Only those who indulge in immoral […]

A better life turns to dust

The Sikh I have met were the most gentlest, graceful and hard working people. This breaks my hart. Friday, 13 June 2008 Sobbing and inconsolable, Harjinder Kaur sat beside her husband’s coffin, listening to tributes to a man who dreamed of building a better life for his family in “beautiful New Zealand”. Leaning on a […]