They Don’t Need Us Anymore! Why? Because They Can Print Their Own Money And The Queen Digs Up Gold!

It may have escaped the average human being but Prince Charles and the Queen  have managed to make peace in a feud that has lasted 400 years. Over what was the feud? Well…. Gold of course! It appears millions of pound of the stuff have been found in Cornwall which made it an issue of […]

While Our Politicians Talk About Printing More Money Italian Beppe Grillo Talks Trashing The Bankers And He’s Winning!!!

While the NZ left starts another impotent Leftist blog and the NZ right basks in ever more venal bennie and prisoner bashing resulting in good people losing their jobs to underpaid slave laborers. While Russel Norman from the green party talks about printing money to keep up with the race to the bottom and every […]