Law Will Hit Deep-Sea Drilling Protesters? No, It Will Hit Everybody Who Wants Oversight On Who We Allow To Mine In This Country!

If we accept this we deserve everything we’re going to get! One of my readers pointed out that the article states that Simon Bridges is a Labour minister. This is of course incorrect and the fact that this could appear in a mainstream media article shows all the more that either we have total morons […]

Bathurst Moves To New Zealand

Tomtidomtidom… Australian coalminer Bathurst Resources’ shareholders have almost unanimously approved the company’s corporate shuffle across the Tasman. At a meeting today in Perth, its registered city of origin, Bathurst got the nod from its mostly Australian owners to create a New Zealand incorporated company. Of the 99 per cent of shareholders represented, 96 per cent […]

On the Bankers Trust’s Rip off factor, having shares in the most corrupt bank in the world and Goldman Sach’s Muppets or why John Key should have no place in NZ politics

This week John Key opened the Bathurst Resources’ office and the Green party called it inappropriate for John Key to do so but is it? In order to understand why opening the Bathurst Resources office is totally appropriate for John Key you have to understand whose interests John Key is serving and here is a […]

Time for input on where mineral hunters can go

Not if but where… Typical! And the name; “Mineral hunters”, like they are just couple of people “finding”the odd bit of gold here and there instead of the wholesale destroyers and polluters they are! Maori and councils have until March 30 to have a say on where mineral exploration can be done in Northland. New […]

Government plans to make mineral exploration easier

More rape and pillage courtesy of the NWO! The Government is planning “significant” changes to the Crown Minerals Act next year to make it easier for miners to explore and then extract minerals, and it will consult the public and industry soon. The Government has indicated for some time that it intends reviewing the act, […]

Mining in our reserves? It was only a matter of time: meet the third board member of Cosby and Textor

For all of those appalled by the suggestion that we should start mining in New Zealand’s reserves I have to say it was only a matter of when not if when National was voted in. Remember the PR team John Key phoned the moment he was nominated to run for National? Yep you got it. […]

Aussie iron miner keen on West Coast exploration

I bet he would. Australia’s Fortescue Metals – the self-proclaimed “new force in iron ore” – is interested in the West Coast’s iron sands, according to The Australian newspaper today. The Pilbara iron ore miner has lodged several applications for exploration on the West Coast via New Zealand subsidiary, FMG Pacific. Fortescue’s attempt to stake […]