On Boating accidents and Shark attacks. Max & Stacey 229 teaser

Here is the teaser for their 229 show and no, I have not forgotten or missed the predictable demise of Lulszec (part of Anonymous) with their leader turning out to be an Arab looking FBI operator or the damaged Christian Kiwi graves in Al Qaeda ruled Benghazi or the inevitable collapse of the Greek bailout […]

It’s official; 60 % of Kiwi voters have Stockholm syndrome or welcome to NZ goldman Sachs

In England they are preparing for major riots not if but when the Euro collapses and both Greece and Italy are already ruled by unelected Goldman Sachs stooges. In America MF Global is the first bank to steal their customers money without consequences and Bank of America owned by the Rothschild’s and the bank to […]

MF Global – A Fractal In A Frying Pan

Gerald Celente, in an interview with Russia Today, claims he cannot access his PM trading account or get answers to his inquiries. It turns out Lind-Waldock, who he originally had the account with, was subsequently bought out by the now bankrupting MF Global. Understandably distraught, Celente asserts, “They took my money out of my account, […]