Max and Stacy 319 : Yelly Fish + Rat = Banker or Why We Should Investigate the Cullen Fund Now

As usual Max and Stacey nail it with their show. Something they touch on today is something I have been writing about recently: How all of a sudden all these pensions funds, now that they have to start to support the babyboomers who thought they had been wise to invest in all these newfangled safe […]

Max Keiser Report 314: LIBOR, Derivatives and the Exchange Stabilisation Fund.

Very interesting interview with Rob Kirby from Kirby Analytics about LIBOR rigging and its function together with the Derivatives as a price control mechanism. Kirby also touches on a little known treasury group called the Exchange Stabilisation Fund which operates as a kingpin, located conveniently at the nexus between US monetary policy, foreign policy and last […]

Max Keiser and Ellen Brown on the ESM, a Global Currency and the Collapse of the New World Order.

Mario Monti is the unelected Prime Minister of Italy. He is also the minister of Economy and Finance and to top it off he is also a Bilderberger and Goldman Sachs Banker. So to assume he is going to try to revive the economy of Italy is to say the least naive to the point […]

The Banking System is one giant Mafia operation and has been according to Max Keiser for many Decades

From Washington’s blog Two stories this week prove once again that the big banks are literally criminal enterprises. Initially, all of the big banks have engaged in Mafia-style “bid-rigging” of municipal bonds, to bilk money from every city in the nation … to the collective tune of tens billions of dollars. And Barclays and other […]

On the Short Change Con, the Poor house and Why to Slow down if someone wants you to Decide fast!

Here is a short clip about the Short change con. It is from the film Paper Moon (1973) starring Ryan and Tatum O’Neal, as on-screen father and daughter Moses and Addie. Moses is a con man and in the clip they short change a shop keeper out of money by confusing her with multiple transactions […]

JP Morgan is tanking but wait… it’s CEO takes full responisiblity?!

  As I  reported yesterday JP Morgan’s CIO group lost $ 2 billion. Jamie Dimon JP Morgan was quick to blame himself which considering he is a committed psychopath begs a few questions. For one psychopaths don’t usually take responsibility for their failures unless it solves other problems such as what will happen to the […]

More on the 911 insider trading showing foreknowledge. And no it wasn’t Osama bin Laden

Appeared originally in the Asian Times. Please visit. The article is copied here for educational purposes only and no profit is made. I acknowledge Lars Shall as the original writer of this publication and I urge everyone to visit the Asian times site. It is an excellent publication with a lot of otherwise accessible information. […]

On Boating accidents and Shark attacks. Max & Stacey 229 teaser

Here is the teaser for their 229 show and no, I have not forgotten or missed the predictable demise of Lulszec (part of Anonymous) with their leader turning out to be an Arab looking FBI operator or the damaged Christian Kiwi graves in Al Qaeda ruled Benghazi or the inevitable collapse of the Greek bailout […]

Max and Stacy 228: Cosa Wallstra and a fine explanation as to why Derivatives are a scam

In this excellent show Stacy and Max once again convey convincingly how the Financial collapse is a non military but never the less devastating form of warfare and Satyajit Das explains in a manner understandable for all of us non finance jargon savy the ins and outs of the Greek bail out and why Derivatives […]

Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert on Banksters and how Merrill Lynch got in the Derivatives business

In 1995 Bankers trust bank in which John Key learned his (derivatives) trade collapsed. It turned out that they had sold dodgy derivatives to Proctor & Gamble and some other big wigs who didn’t take to kindly to being ripped of by their banksters. Unlucky for the bank some tapes which were made of all […]

Solving the debt crisis with more debt? I don’t think so!

Update: Well that didn’t last long; First cracks appear in Greece bailout plan already!!! Big slush fund, more powers for unelected bankers and trillions more debt to sort out the financial mess in Europe the entire global financial system and just to keep corrupt financial terrorists from bankruptcy? I don’t think so! There is just […]

Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert and…. Roseanna Barr on occupying Wall street and the Guillotine for bankers