The French Supported By The US Are Killing Civilians In Mali! Who Would Have Thunk?

Summary executions and mass human rights abuses targeting innocent civilians in Mali are being perpetrated by soldiers loyal to the dubious Malian regime in a campaign supported by the United Nations, the new socialist French government, and the Obama administration. According to human rights groups and witnesses on the ground, the atrocities are increasing as […]

Israeli reporter admits suppressing images of ‘piles of bodies of civilians’ when Israel went ‘crazy’ in Gaza

Maybe it would be a good idea if this journalist stopped suppressing these photo’s. Not that I like watching photo’s of dead people but there are so many people who don’t know this is happening. A bit like the Germans living next to a concentration camp not knowing tey where killing hundreds of thousands of […]

Gilad Sharon Son Of Mass Murderer Ariel Sharon Thinks We should All Become Mass Murderers

“Flatten” Gaza like Hiroshima and “mow” the population, Israeli public figures urge Palestinian doctors gather to pray around the bodies of four children from the al-Dallu family killed along with seven other persons when an Israeli missile struck a family home in Gaza City on 18 November. Among the latest horrifying examples of incitement to […]

A challenge to Michael Valley from the Standard

This is a copy and paste from the challenge I left on the open mike section of the Standard blog.  Here are the links to the original posts I refer too. Syria, China and Iran. After writing several MSM propaganda posts on why we should attack Syria , why China would be the next empire […]

Oh, how we liberated them!!!

As the news from the countries we “liberated” reaches us it is becoming clearer and clearer that our word liberation stands for destruction, destruction of culture, of economy, morals, tribal governance, of sanity, of gene pools, of family. In Iraq 90 kids were stoned to death for having hairstyles the religious police didn’t like (reminiscent […]

Is the Standard blog a mainstream media shill

In what can only be described as a mainstream media propaganda piece a previously unknown writer named Michael Valley (who has no other web presence such as a blog making independent verification of his integrity or political independence impossible) published a post which can only be described as an unmitigated call for yet another all […]

Experts: Fukushima ‘off-scale’ lethal radiation level infers 100s millions dying

              Of course this is happening!!! Just becasue mainstream media doesn’t report it doesn’t man it’s not there. And we still import foodstuffs from Japan!!!! Fukushima nuclear power plant radiation recordings of external gamma radiation have been so high this week, they went off scale said veteran nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson on […]

Extensive Crimes against Humanity: IOF Redeploys inside Gaza. Entire Neighborhoods Destroyed

If you want to know what total destruction looks like, this is a video showing the devastation. IOF Unilaterally Ceases Fire; Redeploys inside Gaza Dozens of Decomposed Bodies Found under Houses Rubble and Enormous Destruction in Neighborhoods Israel has announced to unilaterally cease fire in the Gaza Strip while leaving its troops in positions they […]

Will the US Develop a Death Ray?

A new Pentagon proposal would convert Trident nuclear missiles like this one to more conventional weapons. Phil Sandlin / AP A band of pre-eminent scientists and war-fighters has concluded that the nation’s military might isn’t powerful enough for the 21st Century; and so the National Research Council (NRC), an independent, congressionally-chartered body charged with assessing […]

460 militants, 22 troops killed near Afghan border: Pakistan

And the genocide goes on. PESHAWAR: Pakistan’s interior ministry chief said on Friday that over 460 Islamic militants and 22 soldiers have been killed in more than a week of fighting in a tribal area bordering Afghanistan. More than 3,000 armed militants, most of them foreigners, are taking part in the clashes in the troubled […]

Missives From the Fiery Pit of Eternal Hell

Dr. Fasy is an Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. He has longstanding interests in carcinogenesis and environmental toxicology. In the past two years, he has lectured at conferences and university campuses on the toxic effects of inhaling uranium oxide dusts derived from depleted uranium […]

I have become death; the destroyer of worlds.

I wonder what Professor Oppenheimer would say about the use of depleted uranium as a weapon of mass destruction. I have become death; the destroyer of worlds he has been quoted as saying after he saw the first nuclear bomb called the Trinity explode in the Nevada Desert. According to physicist and Dr. Helen Caldicott […]

The end game has started:Global hunger, corporate greed: When will enough be enough?

Media around the world are currently feeding off the increasing price of food everywhere. The World Bank chief has joined in with the prediction that starvation is a distinct possibility for many of the weaker nations, leading to political turmoil. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) chief says only 14 percent of available water is […]