A Shopping Mall, Terrorists Twittering Away And The Israeli Army Intervening. Nekminnit Assad Armed The Terrorists Is My Guess!

During this weekend we have been entertained with Holywood quality videos of the “terrorist” attack on an up market mall in Nairobi.And like on 9/11 civilians of a multitude of Nations were the victims of this Muslim extremist violence including a Kiwi, seven Americans and a couple of English people. Among the dead are the […]

Bangladeschi Shopping mall on fire and near collapse according to the events of 911

With the structure of the building to be said to be heavily damaged it should only be a matter of time before this building like the twin towers and building 7 on 911 will collapse into a pyroclastic flow.I can’t wait to see the theories of the official conspiracy confirmed. Bangladeshi authorities have suspended until […]