Raglan Radio 16/2/2016

Tomorrow 9:10 AM I will be on Aaron’s Raglan Radio morning show. We will be talking about the Global banking crisis, the Kiwi saver scam/scheme and the “Open bank resolution” which enables banks to confiscate deposits from small banking depositors if and when a bank fails and which was accepted by New Zealand in 2013. […]

John Key, Phill Goff two sides of the same coin or how both are catering to the Money Masters

With calling for a compulsory membership of Kiwi saver and raising the pensionable age to 67 in the next couple of years Phill Goff has shown his true allegiance: That of the financial terrorist scamming the world into indentured slavery! John Key will do the same of course by selling of New Zealand’s assets leaving […]

Employers cannot profit from workers who save

Employers cannot profit from workers who save Labour Minister Trevor Mallard is concerned at a misleading advertising campaign by employers threatening to have employees’ KiwiSaver contributions deducted from their take-home pay while pocketing a government tax credit. “Compulsory employer contribution does not mean contribution to be taken out of the employee’s take home pay,” Trevor […]