My Choice 25-11-2013:

I wish I had the time to make all of these in separate posts but I’m currently trying to finish a publication for a bigger News outlet,so here goes: As Anadarko starts drilling 1.5 Km deep with an experimental rig taking huge risks with our pristine coasts in the territory of one of our most […]

The Big H, Doesn’t Know What Normal Is Anymore Or Why The “Taliban” is Right to Worry About Harry’s Health!

The “Taliban” expressed their anger and upset at an article in which Prince Harry seems to compare shooting real people (taking them out of the game) with Ipod shoot them up games and they said that Prince Harry is suffering from mental problems. Yesterday Prince Harry himself said upon arrival back from Afghanistan that he […]

Why does the NZ army need cannon fodder? Could it be to help the Ozzies in Africa

NZCF Kerikeri Unit Commander Mita Harris said the Green Unit was offering especially interesting training this year. Why is the NZ army “inviting” youngsters (from a primarily poor Maori region) for an especially interesting training. Could it be because the Australian army needs a couple more muppets to die in the banking empire’s illegal wars? […]