Investigator Commits Suicide, Lies About A (Non)Murdered Policeman And Plenty Of Journalist Hating World Leaders Defending Freedom Of Speech

The police commissioner investigating the Charlie Hebdo massacre apparently killed himself with his service gun just before he was going to write a report about the case. He suffered from work stress and burn out so we are told. I would think that whoever appointed the commissioner would have made sure the man could actually […]

Afghanistan bans coverage of attacks, will detain offending journalists

Brilliant. As predicted it isn’t going very well in Marjah. The Taliban Afghani resistance (Only hit this link if you want to know what the Afghanis resistance has to say about what is really going on in Afghanistan) as was also predicted wasn’t going to take the destruction ( a la Fallujah) of one of […]

‘Green light’ for police surveillance of journalists and photographers

The Home Secretary has appeared to give the ‘green light’ to police officers to monitor and even restrict journalists and photographers covering public events. In a letter to the National Union of Journalists, Jacqui Smith says the Home Office produces no guidance on photography in public places. But she adds that “…decisions may be made […]