On JP Morgan: Fines, Corruption and Gauging Aside Why Should They Be In New Zealand

On the 1th of October 2007 a bank opened in New Zealand. It wasn’t open for the general public and would only supply money for big stuff and the big boys. It’s name? JP Morgan Chase! I was announced in the MSM with the smallest of fanfare and I only picked up on it because […]

JP Morgan is burning and the banksters are panicking.

Not that you’d read it in the mainstream media but there is no recovery from the collapsing financial world any time soon. What could be up to 1.5 Quadrillion in derivatives is going to disappear and includes the ones our government has invested in! Bankia the Spanish bank which totally collapsed in the last two […]

Greece, Spanish banks downgraded and Jamie Dimond invited to testify before the Senate!

Update on the developing European banking crisis! Fitch has downgraded Greece again and Moody only downgraded 16 Spanish banks after it had announced it would downgrade 21 banks. And Jamie Dimon the CEO of JP Morgan has been invited (What is wrong with old fashioned arrests and police investigations I wonder) to testify before the […]

JP Morgan is tanking but wait… it’s CEO takes full responisiblity?!

  As I  reported yesterday JP Morgan’s CIO group lost $ 2 billion. Jamie Dimon JP Morgan was quick to blame himself which considering he is a committed psychopath begs a few questions. For one psychopaths don’t usually take responsibility for their failures unless it solves other problems such as what will happen to the […]