S&P Downgrades 15 Italian Financial Institutions, Says Country Faces Deeper Recession Than Previously Thought

It is Saturday here but in most of the rest of the world it’s Friday and that is when the really bad news is dumped. And this really is bad news. It is late in the afternoon on a Friday, which means one thing: it is time to dump all left over bad news under […]

And There She Blows! The Next Phase of the European Collapse.

While Italy (here is the blacklist of the 10 Italian cities most likely to collase) and Spain (which has only 40 days worth of funds left) are clamping down on Short selling (Betting that the value of their currencies will go down) in order to protect what’s left of their economies, Moody’s is downgrading Germany, […]

A Greek bank run for a second day and now Spain is following, watch this space….

Today it emerged that  the Greek drew another billion Euro’s out of their banks and yesterday the Spanish took a billion out of the partly Nationalised Bank. This is the scariest development yet but it will only spiral out of control from here on. Look for bank runs in Ireland and Italy and possibly in […]

Enter the next phase of the collapse!

As was inevitable the financial collapse is entering a new and dangerous new phase. A month ago it was announced that with the bail out of the big European banks over the backs of the Greeks Greece had solved Europe’s financial woes but now the next and inevitable phase  will slowly develop as Ponzi schemes […]

Italy Police Busts Fitch Milan Office

Right action, wrong rating agency. Standard & Poor is owned by the too big to fail banksters and would have been a much better choice! The USS Europa Discorida story just gets more and more surreal. ITALY PROSECUTORS WIDEN RATINGS AGENCY PROBE TO FITCH, UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR MARKET ABUSE, INSIDER TRADING – INVESTIGATIVE SOURCE ITALY […]

Italian Job: Stealing 2,451.8 tons of gold with style

This morning I had an interesting short conversation with a new facebook friend of mine. The gentleman clearly had done his homework but still felt strongly about bringing down the National debt because if we owed this debt it was our duty to pay it off. My argument is that while I am scrupulous with […]

Ireland: “Germany Is Our New Master”

After Greece and Italy now Ireland has had its sovereignty taken away and Merkel has just told the English that whether they like it or not they are going to join the Euro and fuck their rights to a referendum. Not only is Germany at the epicenter of the Italian-Spanish-French save-us ‘discussion’, they have now […]

Italy: I’m calling it today: the loan sharks will take over!!!

This time I don’t need Zero hedge to call it. It is just so blatant it is sickening. Belusconi is out. Enter Mario Monti! Who is Marion Monti? Read this and weep! Bilderberger, European chair of the Trilateral commission Specialist in the workings of banks in a monopoly. I kid you not and again while […]

Greece under bankers control who’s next? Italy of course and financial stocks collapse!

While in an interesting twist of fate the Greek PM which was to be  a banker by the name of Papademos has not been decided upon the Banksters have opened their all out attack on Italy which will be brought next under Bankers occupation while I thought that Berlusconi was an utter buffoon rest assured […]