Booze Buses, Breathalysers, Finger Printing Or What You Need To Know About The Law

On it was announced that New Zealand’s Police Force would be rolling out buses equipped with booze detectors and fingerprinting stations. This presents us with some problems about how our rights under the law will be guaranteed. And here is why: First of all, don’t get me wrong, this is not about bad mouthing the […]

You Think Spying Stops With Just Monitoring Everything You Do Online?

Here is what happens in the UK. Heat sensitive cameras and spy planes flying over people’s houses and invading them unseen. They know where you sleep how many people are in the house and if you have illegal tenants just like that and while you may think that it is great that those poor illegal […]

Edible Drug-Tracking Microchips to be Unveiled in UK by Year’s End

Hideous! Imagine a world where the government monitors everything you eat and drink, and makes sure you take all your pharmaceutical drugs by feeding you an edible microchip that transmits this compliance information remotely to authorities. Such a world is almost a reality, as a California-based biotechnology company is about to unveil an edible microchip […]

The News of the World closes down for wire tapping but the SIS gets the greenlight for doing just that

This morning the big news topping the website of the Daily Mail was the announcement that the News of the World will be closed down and I wonder why that would be and why that is perceived as so just because truth be told I think that the spying scandal is not the biggest issue […]

Airport admits ‘strip search’ body scanners WILL show people naked

How revolting. New ‘strip search’ full body scanners being trialled in Australia will show people’s private parts, officials have admitted. But to spare their blushes, the faces of passengers will be blurred. Domestic travellers leaving Melbourne airport over the next six weeks will be asked to test the new security scanners that can see through […]

Millions of profiles from DNA database passed to private firms

Papers obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that on five occasions since 2004 private firms with police contracts have successfully applied to use the database to help them develop computer programs. The DNA database contains records of 4.2 million people, of which a million have never been convicted of an offence. Records are […]

The New World Order comes to New Zealand: Eye scans, fingerprints to control NZ borders

In the run up to the second world war the Germans started to cataloque people in huge data bases. Every body was registered, you could not go anywhere without an ID and when the big extermintation began this data base was used to find Jews, Gays, Political oponents and eve rybody else the Nazi’s deemed […]

FBI Could Investigate You

FBI Agents could soon be allowed to investigate Americans without any evidence of wrongdoing, according to the Justice Department. Justice Department officials say FBI Agents would rely on a terrorist profile that could single out Muslims, Arabs or other racial groups. Randall County District Attorney James Farren says this announcement by the Justice Department really doesn’t […]