Troops Can Opt Out Of Deployment Says Army.

After WWII soldiers were convicted for just following orders. Following illegal orders is a war crime in and of itself and any soldier allowing themselves being send to Iraq without making absolutely sure that what he is doing is legal will become a war criminal if their deployment turns out to be illegal under international […]

Taliban Launches Dozens of Attacks and Two Kiwi’s Die

Our MSM are painting the deaths of the two Kiwi soldiers leaving an additional 6 wounded yesterday as the result of them assisting local Security forces in pursuit of some suspect individuals. The Soldiers who are part of the provincial reconstruction team died in the ensuing gunfight. The fact is that outside of the bigger […]

War pimp alert: ‘2 US aircraft carriers headed for Gulf’

Two additional United States naval aircraft carriers are heading to the Gulf and the Red Sea, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Kuwait Times. Russia plays down talks of tougher sanctions against Iran Kuwait began finalizing its “emergency war plan” on being told the vessels were bound for the region. The US Navy would neither confirm […]

War pimp alert: Secret US air force team to perfect plan for Iran strike

THE United States Air Force has set up a highly confidential strategic planning group tasked with “fighting the next war” as tensions rise with Iran. Project Checkmate, a successor to the group that planned the 1991 Gulf War’s air campaign, was quietly re-established at the Pentagon in June. It reports directly to General Michael Moseley, […]