False Flag Alert: New Zealand Is ISIS Internet Headquarters!

Not quite a the raid I was expecting but it turns out New Zealand is ISIS’s head quarters! Be prepared for more invasive laws, less freedom of speech and more restrictions on your movements around the place.  But conspiring against their own population? Our Governments? Never! ——————————————————————– A suspected Islamic State website shut down by […]

Enter the next phase of the collapse!

As was inevitable the financial collapse is entering a new and dangerous new phase. A month ago it was announced that with the bail out of the big European banks over the backs of the Greeks Greece had solved Europe’s financial woes but now the next and inevitable phase  will slowly develop as Ponzi schemes […]

On Iceland, Mortgages and Democracy or why Iceland may well be the only real Democracy left

Iceland, the only country which had the courage to stick their finger up to the international banksters and which has arrested it’s prime minister for being in cahoots with those same international banksters, may very well be the only Democracy in the world still functioning as it should. With a population of approximately 319,575 (estimate […]

Referendum in Ireland? Kicking the bankers out worked for Iceland!

Just when the euro-zone crisis was getting a bit repetitive, the Irish decided to lob another hand grenade into the mix. Last week, the Irish government announced that Ireland would be holding a referendum on the European Union’s Fiscal Compact Treaty before the end of the year. The news came as a surprise in both […]

In the Wake of Economic Collapse. Iceland’s Election: It’s not about Left and Right

So now we know what they wanted from Iceland: Its rich fishing territory in exchange for a loan to pay off the scoundrels in the rest of the world who have been gambling in Derivatives. When will the same faith befall New Zealand?What is it they will extract from us? The Black sands? Our fish? […]

Iceland’s senior minister resigns as government becomes first global political casualty of the credit crunch

Iceland’s Minister of Commerce Bjorgvin Sigurdsson has resigned, two days after the prime minister announced his own departure due to pressures from the island nation’s economic collapse. Mr Sigurdsson, a member of Iceland’s junior Social Democrat coalition party, made the announcment at a news conference this morning. ‘I have decided to do this to take […]