The Speeches of Catherine Delahunty and Hone Harawira

As per promised the speeches from Catherine Delahunty and Hone Harawira made on Saturday 16 in Raglan in support of the flotilla now sailing to Anadarko’s ground Zero! Feel free to share  them far and wide!!! With apologies for the missing first seconds of both speeches my reflexes were slow that day. Catherine Delahunty: Hone […]

Arresting Hone for “Failure To Remove His Vehicle From The Road” Is A Hint Of Things To Come

This morning News Papers duly reported the arrest of Hone Harawira MP for his “part” in a demonstration. The demonstration was peaceful and Hone at the time was in his car listening to music. To arrest Hone the police claims they had to bash in the back window of his car to pull him out […]

Bail condition blackmail and Hone joins the action at Glenn Innes

With possibly unlawful and outrageous bail conditions the police is trying to isolate John Minto and Hone Harawira from their constituents while trying to stop the activists in Glenn Innes form being evicted. Yesterday Tuesday 17th John Minto and other activists were brutalised by the police during their protest against the evictions in Glenn Innes. […]

Rich Pakeha speaker of the house tells “real” Moari leader how to behave. Big mistake!

I’ve decided to place the speech Hone would have made integrally had he been sworn in. I hope more people will. Harawira refuses to speak oath in English, asked to leave the House (full speech) Hone Harawira MP newly elected MP for Te Tai Tokerau and Leader of the Mana Movement, has been asked to […]