The First Problems With The Official Account Of The Paris Attacks Appear Or Why Was Hollande Still In The Stadium After Two Bombs Exploded Outside Of It?

Several suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the Stade de France sports stadium where the French football team was playing Germany, and another died in a street in eastern Paris. One of the gunmen who died after attacking a Paris concert hall on Friday (Saturday NZ Time) had French nationality and was known to have […]

Did Hollande Say The Illuminati Attacked France?

A short video cut from the speech of President Hollande to the French people after the three days of “terrorist” attacks is doing the rounds online. In it he uses the word illuminé to describe the attackers. This is seen by many as proof that Hollande is describing the attackers as part of the “illuminati”. […]

So what is President “I will not bail out the big financial intitutions” Hollande going to do now that they are collapsing?

While President Holland of France was sharing a televised soccer game with fellow world leaders in the camp David G8 meeting the Money Masters took up the challenge he presented them with when he  told the French he would not bail out the big financial institutions. So now he is left with two choices. Start […]