Ten Ways In Which Hillary Clinton And Jeb Bush Are Basically The Same Presidential Candidate

In 18 Months the US votes for their next President. The two main candidates are Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Yep, the son and the brother of Presidents Bush 1 and 2. Here is an interesting article about why the two are basically the same candidates: Now that Jeb Bush has officially announced his intention […]

On Mayanmar, Mayhem and Murder Or Why You Should Doubt (Once again) The Nobel Price For Peace Propaganda Machine

Remember that saintly beautiful face of Aung San Suu Kyi who after years of enforced solitude was “liberated” and embraced by the likes of Hillary Clinton (which by the way was my wake up call something was not quite right)? Well you might want to read up on some of the things done to a […]

How Many People Have To Be Bombed Back To The Stone Age For This?

In response, so we are told, to a blasphemous documentary about Islam riots have broken out in the entire Muslim world culminating in the brutal murder of the Ambassador of the US in Libya. Here are my initial thoughts on it! As the photo of the dead ambassador shows the ambassador was not killed by […]

Who Has a Recording of John Key’s Speech About Being Happy to Send Cannon Fodder into The Next Conflicts

Update, here is a pic from the sound file of John key and Hillary Clintons speech. You can clearly see a silence where the “Next Conflict” bit used to be: I spend an entire morning first writing on John Key’s Next Conflict speech. Finding I made an error  meant I had to go back to […]

Every 80 minutes a US soldier kills himself. That is 25x more than died in battle.

Update: A commenter corrected me and pointed out that it wasn’t every 80 seconds with the following remark: 80 seconds …. mmm, don’t think so Eve. And he is right of course. It’s only every a 80 minutes!!! My unbelievable bad. It’s still 25 human beings more than the one who died in the war […]

Hillary “we are losing the information war” Clinton tells us like it is: We created al Qaeda!

Hillary Clinton has a problem. The Western elite is losing its iron grip on the propaganda machine more commonly known as our Main stream media. Here she is telling us that RT today , al Jazeera and the English Chinese News sender are threatening the Global hegemony of the Western Mainstream media   I personally […]

Libya asks Nato to stay until end of year while Hillary Clinton visits Libya again and yes, the wars in the middle east were all about the oil!

In a very convenient move the new Libyan regime has requested the NATO to remain in Libya until at least the end of the year as Hillary visited Libya again to offer $ 11 million more aid on top of the $120 million or so already spend. While to many here in New Zealand the […]

Did US/NATO betray a white flag truce in Libya?

For thousands of years the White flag was honoured as a sign of surrender and the effective end of battle. In fact respect for ther use of the white flag is a requirement and legal obligation in the Hague Conventions and breaking this legal requirement constitutes a grave war crime. The last few days rumours have […]

Hillary Clinton says ABM system hinges on Iran’s actions

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday the Obama administration might reconsider its plans to deploy an ABM system in Eastern Europe – if Iran agrees to compromise on its nuclear program. Clinton made her statement in Washington after talks with Karl Swartzenberg, the Foreign Minister of Czech Republic, which is currently presiding over […]