Hamilton Homeless Group Not Allowed To Feed Homeless In City Centre.

“There but for the grace of God go I” John Bradford Proverb there but for the grace of God go I A recognition that others’ misfortune could be one’s own, if it weren’t for the blessing/kindness/luck bestowed by fate or the Divine. Man’s fate is in God‘s hands. More generally, our fate is not entirely in […]

Educate Yourself: The TTPA, What Will It Mean For New Zealand And You Personally. Hamilton March 1th!!!

This week I am working on a 15 minute presentation on the TPPA for an educational meeting which will be held at the bottom of Victoria street in the celebrate age building. This means I will be putting my energy in that as I think it is a very important subject which needs a lot […]

On Supplying Sodium Fluoride To Syria And Why Hamilton Should Vote Against FLuoridated Drinking Water.

Update: One of my readers (Thanks P) pointed out that we no longer use Sodium Fluoride in the Hamilton drinking water but Hydrofluosilicic Acid. If you want to know what that has in common with Sarin and as it turns out 1080 and why it is even more dangerous then Sodium Fluoride here is a […]