Gaddafi’s Libya was Africa’s Most Prosperous Democracy

Contrary to popular belief, Libya, which western media described as “Gaddafi’s military dictatorship”, was in actual fact one of the world’s most democratic States. In 1977 the people of Libya proclaimed the Jamahiriya or “government of the popular masses by themselves and for themselves.” The Jamahiriya was a higher form of direct democracy with ‘the […]

France Displays Unhinged Hypocrisy as Bombs Fall on Mali and another excellent RSS Feed

I have added Alexandra Valiente’s excellent blog called Libya 360° for some much needed counterweight to the MSM propaganda on why we need to kill brown people from Libya/ Mali via Syria to Iran. On the blog she not only gives excellent background information on the attacks on say Mali but she strays, successfully I […]

“Gaddafi” loyalists take back Bani Walid or we have a civil war on our hands in Libya

I’m sure the Gaddafi loyalists are not necessarily loyalists to the former despot but more likely to be of the same tribe as the Gaddafi family meaning tribes are now warring with each other as in  civil war. Home UK News World News Business Politics video Showbiz News Technology Strange News Weather Your Videos Your […]

Did US/NATO betray a white flag truce in Libya?

For thousands of years the White flag was honoured as a sign of surrender and the effective end of battle. In fact respect for ther use of the white flag is a requirement and legal obligation in the Hague Conventions and breaking this legal requirement constitutes a grave war crime. The last few days rumours have […]

Gaddafi’s murder timed to take attention away from the financial take over of Europes Nations?

  I could have announced Gaddafi was murdered but since everybody already did that I decided to wait a couple of days to see what kind of info would come out of the woodworks at it always does. So here it is. According to a Dutch newspaper Germany knew were Gadaffi was for at least […]

Libya: DU, mass bombings and the destruction of an ancient culture, nessesary to protect the population?

NATO Secretary-General Anders Rasmussen in June told the world that in order to protect the population of Libya it was necessary to keep bombing them and he is not done. He wants more planes and more bombs, so we can protect the populations some more So we are bombing a population of about 4 million […]

Ohh oops: Gaddafi’s ‘Long War’: Million weapon handout to fight US & allies

Not the action of someone scared of his own people huh? Now, it’s not Gaddafi but the actual government which has decided to do this but apparently thousands of people are willing to be a human shield for Gaddafi too. So one million people with guns given to them by the government of Libya and […]