Repost: The Creature of Jekyll Island or why were are going bankrupt!

As my readership grows at a rate of a thousand new and unique visitors each week half of which are Kiwi’s I’m proud to say I thought I would once again put up the excellent video presentation of G Edward Griffin. G Edward Griffin is the writer of the seminal book on the Federal Reserve […]

G Edward Griffin, the Federal Reserve and John Key or how time flies

I told him that we had an Ex Wall street banker running for Prime Minister which worried me greatly and he said “I would be too”. I asked what he thought would happen if he was elected and he answered, “He will sell your country down the drain and throw in his mother with the deal!”

G. Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve of New York

Just in case you missed this excellent Expose from G. Edward Griffin about the real nature of the Federal Reserve of New York and the Federal reserve system worldwide. John Key was one of only four advisors to the NY Federal Reserve from 1999 until March 2001. G. Edward Griffin is the writer of a […]