Can you say housing bubble?

Today on it was announced that the NZ house prices were rising at an astonishing rate. I don’t know what the cause is but only in December 2011 it was announced that according to the Economist New Zealand’s real estate was amongst the most overrated in the world together with countries such as Australia, […]

Homeowner group protests ‘predator’ CEOs outside their mansions

John Key anyone? If these activists are as dedicated as they are desperate, expect this to become a trend. Monday, a group of 350 to 400 at-risk homeowners, organized by the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, staged a series of protests outside the mansions of wealthy bankers in a moneyed Connecticut neighborhood. “Called the ‘Predators […]

Record 10% of U.S. homeowners in arrears or foreclosure

California, with 19% of new foreclosures in the third quarter, is a big contributor to the worsening picture. E. Scott Reckard December 6, 2008 A record 10% of the nation’s mortgage-burdened homeowners fell behind on their loan payments or were in foreclosure during the third quarter, according to a survey released Friday by the Mortgage […]

Six months, 343,000 lost homes

NEW YORK ( — The number of Americans losing their homes to foreclosure continued to soar in June, according to a report released Thursday. RealtyTrac, an online marketer of foreclosed properties, reported that lenders repossessed 71,563 homes in June. A year ago, just 26,369 homes were taken back. During the first six months of 2008, […]