Let The Revolution Begin! US House Cuts $ 40 Billion From Food stamp Programs.

This means opening the doors to the FEMA camps, people starving in the streets and widespread economic unrest! Funny how they can find plenty of money for more weapons and war! WASHINGTON — House Republicans narrowly pushed through a bill on Thursday that slashes billions of dollars from the food stamp program, over the objections […]

Study: In US, 90 percent of black children will be fed by food stamps

Does this sound like a receding recession to you? Nearly half of all US children, including an overwhelming majority of black children, will eat meals at some point during their childhood paid for by food stamps, an indicator of poverty, a study showed Monday. “If you get food stamps, you are by definition in poverty […]

One in 10 American on food stamps

Statistics reveal that US unemployment reached the highest level in 15 years; as 31.6 million Americans are now receiving food stamps. According to Friday’s figures from the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate reached 6.7 percent in November, the highest level since October 1993. With 3.2 million more Americans unemployed […]