Convincing Voters And Investors To Vote And Bet Against Their Own Self-Interest And Purring Queens!

For those of you interested in the shenanigans of our banking elite and yes, that includes John Key, here are Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert explaining it all and in the second half Mitch Feierstein of explains how the  five eyes nations manipulate European countries to do the same. The Bankers have had a […]

On Propaganda, Syria And The Persians Some 1700 Years Ago Or How They Want Us To Forget They Called For A Nerve Gas False Flag Attack In January Of This Year!

The propaganda as espoused in the Daily Mail reached fever pitch this weekend. The vote in the commons against another misbegotten criminal war is not stopping the war mongers trying to whip up war sentiments pushing the people towards it if they can’t push their alleged “representatives”.  Here are some examples: While we are not […]