Greece under bankers control who’s next? Italy of course and financial stocks collapse!

While in an interesting twist of fate the Greek PM which was to be  a banker by the name of Papademos has not been decided upon the Banksters have opened their all out attack on Italy which will be brought next under Bankers occupation while I thought that Berlusconi was an utter buffoon rest assured […]

Is The Entire Global Banking Industry Carrying Naked, Unhedged “Risk Free” Sovereign Debt Yielding 100-200%? Quick Answer: Probably!

Summary: Since the king of Wall Street traders (not:The Squid That Can’t Trade) carries so much risk free (not:Good ‘Ole Lehman Collapse Days!) sovereign debt heavily leveraged on their books, if it is proven that a Greek default is not truly a default, hence not a credit event, then isn’t Goldman trading extreme risk naked […]